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An Agile approach based on client needs

 Client needs vary when it comes to agility. Some want to move from a deeply entrenched waterfall methodology, while others want to further mature their existing agility practices.

What's important is that we adapt our approach to meet clients where they are, we align our change approach with their culture, and we focus on helping them reach their goals.

Rather than a standard ABC model that is applied the same way every time, ADAPT is a set of principles that we apply as we optimize the approach for each client.

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Leverage the standard practices and principles of the Agile Manifesto to facilitate agility.


Practice self development with teams and leaders, to reinforce new  behavior and establish an environment of on-going learning.


Demonstrate inspect and adapt principles in all things, from sprint reviews to consulting practices.



Encourage information transparency, modelling an atmosphere of openness, risk, acceptance and trust.


Lead through change with enthusiasm and encouragement to foster a positive, productive work environment.