Business Planning

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The practice of shared vision involves the skills of unearthing shared “pictures of the future” that foster genuine commitment and enrollment rather than compliance.
— Peter Senge: The Fifth Discipline

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Key Planning Questions


  • How do we best serve our clients in the future?
  • What are the influencing environmental factors?


  • What are the stories that tell us what the client is looking for?
  • How do the stories come together to move toward the vision?
  • What is our high-level roadmap?


  • Who are the key players needed to execute on the epics?
  • What are their roles, and how can they flex to support the need?
  • How do we ensure that they are able to focus on the team's work?


  • What team practices will be established to help fulfill on the stories?
  • What management practices will support the team and ensure organizational alignment?
  • What other processes are needed to ensure success?


  • How will people work together to optimize delivery?
  • How will we ensure transparent communication and alignment?
  • How will we treat each other, as team members and leaders?


Once we've answered these questions, we work with our clients to build a plan that's right for them. We can help you define your roadmap, whether it's at the initiative level or for the corporation, to help you achieve your vision.