Strategy Development

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Nikki Kelly Consulting has a proven formula for achieving your business results. We operate in three key phases to ensure you get the desired results and can apply the new knowledge within your organization.

success factors

collaboration   -   credibility   -   commitment   -   consistency   -   change management


the strategy formula

Planning, Execution, & Participation
Planning and execution are both necessary components of the Strategy Formula. Also crucial is the participation of affected
resources, to ensure organizational support. 

Our Process

1. Develop your strategy.

  • Understand the current state -- mission, customers, values, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Define the desired state -- vision, goals, competitive advantage
  • Agree on the strategy to achieve the vision

2. Execute on your strategy.

  • Establish leadership alignment and commitment to the strategy
  • Define measures of success
  • Develop a tactical plan for strategy execution
  • Engage resources to generate support
  • Implement system, process and structural changes needed for strategic alignment
  • Implement change management tactics
  • Ensure knowledge transfer to your organization

3. Achieve your desired results.

  • Track outcomes and measure success